Excerpt From Dee Wallace Interview In the Chapter “Living The Dream.”

Excerpt from my interview with author/healer/actor Dee Wallace (she played Mom in “ET”):

Hank: You know, we’ve all heard the expression that youth is wasted on the young. We look at youth as a blank slate in life with endless possibilities. I believe we can clean our slates and start again at any point. What would you say to young people just starting out on their journey, or to just the young-at-heart looking to restructure their lives? 

Dee: Young people really know it much better than we do, and we call it irresponsible. You know, we are going to have fun and then when we get older we think that if we’re going to really create what we want in life we have to get serious about it. But a big, big part of the creation process is having fun and staying in joy. Joy and love, joy and love, joy and love – if you just hear those two words and live in those states, then you will create, what you want. But we get so heavy about it. What I would say is, move back into be as a little child. Be as a little child if you want to enter into the kingdom. If you want to enter into the creation of your life, be as a child. Hi, Santa! Ooh, I really want this toy gun! I’m really excited about it. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. That’s what I want for Christmas. And he hops off Santa’s lap, and he knows that he’s told Santa, and he keeps thinking about that toy that he wants, and feeling excited. And then, Christmas morning, it shows up. Now, that’s not really hard.


Excerpt from the chapter “A Life of Limitless Possibilities”

Hero Wanted Title2If what we wish to be doing seems more real than what we are doing, maybe there’s a valid reason for this “cognitive disconnect.” Is it because we really do need to become that which we hold so dearly in our dreams? Yes. To do otherwise is to deny the Hero’s Voice. That’s the easy way out, and by doing more of what you’ve always done (as the saying goes), you’ll get more of what you’ve always gotten. It’s time to make a change.

Here’s a good way to look at the meaning of responsibility. I can’t take credit for it; it was taught to me. Responsibility simply means, “to respond with ability.” It has nothing to do with toiling for countless years at something unfulfilling just because we’ve been told it’s the “grownup” thing to do. It has everything to do with going deep within, rediscovering who we truly are, and then reclaiming ourselves.

Bear with me for a moment, before you shake your head and decide I’m just building castles in the clouds. I’m not talking about being “unrealistic.” I don’t mean that if you’re totally done deaf that you should pursue a career in opera. I’m speaking about being true to your Vision by keeping it true to yourself.

Let’s say you’ve always had a talent for art. You’ve dabbled a bit over the years and knocked out a painting here and there. People say you ought to be an artist. Well, guess what? You ARE an artist. The only thing standing between you and being an artist is your belief. Begin by declaring yourself an artist. Introduce yourself to people as an artist. Then, by all means, BE an artist. Don’t wait until retirement age to be an artist. Be an artist now. Take some art classes; get yourself full of paint as each new masterpiece emerges. You can make this part of your life NOW.

A work in progress

Hero Wanted: Inquire Within™ is a labor of love and a work in progress. In an age where heroes are hard to find, you must learn how to be your own hero. This book will show you how.

Hero Wanted: Inquire Within™ will feature interviews with visionary thought leaders. Each chapter will focus on one aspect of the journey and will close with one of these interviews. Here are just some of the interviews: Dee Wallace (Mom in the film ET), best-selling author and motivational speaker Kandee G, Emmy-winning musician Kat Epple, Chris Gloss (the Possibilitarian), poet/illustrator Barbie Angell, young author Colie Scoggin, and more!

As the project progresses, I’ll be sharing tidbits of wisdom from some of the interviewees, along with brief excerpts from chapters in the book.

Thank you for joining me on the journey to finding the Hero within you.